When it comes to brands,
I believe two simple things:

ONE. every brand stores a unique wonder. 

I’m an explorer. An admirer of the unusual, the inimitable, and the wonderful. I love to discover culture and brand gems: that compelling, interesting bit making me think, ‘that’s it!'  It’s unique, gripping and marvelous with budding possibility. Every business has a compelling reason to believe. The question is, are you fully maximizing its potential?

TWO. true brand growth means delivering a holistic experience.

A strong, lasting brand is more than a logo, ad or tagline. While communications is a cornerstone to its success, a brand that delivers as much as it tells and that engages as much as it communicates will rise above the clutter. From brand identity to shopping experience and sales interaction, a brand’s success lies in the ability to deliver seamlessly against every touchpoint.




A little about Hanah.

Hanah Holpe is owner and strategist at
wonderSPROUT brand strategy.  

HANAH HOLPE is innately curious and has a knack for understanding what makes people and brands tick. She loves immersing in the world of her clients to uncover the inspiring story that taps into why they do what they do. Hanah’s expertise includes discovering authentic brand stories, developing strategy-led and creatively fueled brand solutions, and implementing brand transformation plans. She has seven years of experience shaping high impact brand strategies across several industries including CPG, Retail, Technology, Professional Services, Hospitality and Pharma.

Before starting Wonder Sprout, she spent five years at Jack Morton Worldwide where she helped to establish the strategy function and integrate strategic thinking into the creative process from pitch to execution. While at Jack, Hanah developed a strong 'brand experience' expertise, working on a variety of brand experience challenges in both the Chicago and London offices such as Employee Engagement, Event Strategy, Organizational Transformation, Brand Story & Launch Strategy and Digital Experience Development.

Hanah received her Masters in Communications Strategy from VCU Brandcenter and her B.S. from Florida State University in Advertising, and completed internships throughout her years at school in strategy, advertising and media relations at companies including DDB Chicago, The Zimmerman Agency, and FSU Media Relations. She also spent time teaching English abroad to all levels of students — at the New British Centre in Rome, Italy and at an orphanage in Uganda.

Hanah enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, soaking up the outdoors, savoring very dark chocolate, eating her way through Richmond, planting her nose in a paper-and-ink book and doodling.