Flying isn’t known for being an enjoyable experience. In fact, the whole process can be stressful, annoying and cumbersome: the somehow surprising long waits in the security line, exasperated by the slow shuffle forward when you’re running late…the slightly embarrassing and exposing (yet necessary) process of unloading and reloading all your gear onto the security belt…pushing through the bustle of people to find your gate while maneuvering around those who decide to stop in the middle of the thoroughfare…the stuffy plane entryway filled with elbow-bumping and a battle to claim overhead space for your carryon…and of course, the repetitive, mundane necessity of listening to the safety video before takeoff which, let’s admit, we all tune out.

But Virgin America transformed this typically boring necessity into an entertaining brand experience to delight their customers when they least expect it and likely, when they most need it. What an enjoyable way to decompress after the hustle to your seat and right before takeoff!  If you haven’t seen it yet, please take a look. 

I, just like millions of other viewers, love to watch the wealth of performance art available on TV viewing today. So You Think You Can Dance, Nashville and Smash are a couple of my go-to favorites but from the longstanding Glee to dance and music competitions like Dancing with the Stars, The Voice and American Idol, not to mention a seemingly increasing number of sitcoms doing musical episodes such as How I Met Your Mother and more recently, Psych, music and dance content has infiltrated TV more prominently in the last decade. 

Virgin America has tapped into this hunger for performance, embedded it into a lackluster flying obligation and used it to differentiate from the competition. Well done!

AuthorHanah Holpe