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Actionable Insight + Opportunity Identification


  •  Consumer + Market Intelligence

  •  Insight Development

  •  Strategic Vision + Alignment


Example Tools & Services


  • Qualitative Research Moderation 

  • Communication + Touchpoint Audit

  • Strategic Planning + Facilitation



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Brand Story + Behavior Development


  • Brand Purpose 

  • Brand Messaging

  • Brand Training 


Example Tools & Services


  • Brand Purpose Workshop 

  • Brand Story Workshop

  • Brand Strategy + Architecture



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Creative Communications + Engagement Strategy


  • Communications Strategy

  • Shopper Marketing Solutions

  • Employee Engagement Strategy


Example Tools & Services


  • Creative Strategy + Idea Platform

  • Insight to Ideation Workshop

  • Internal + External Brand Launch Plan



Brand Workshops

We believe that a brand's greatest potential lives within the walls of the business and in the fabric of its culture: the history of the company, the vision of its leaders, and the experiences and perspectives of each division. We don't believe in taking a brief and disappearing into a 'black box' to develop a brand story, serving it up to you on a silver platter. We believe it should be a collaborative process.  

That's why Brand Workshops are a keystone of our brand strategy services. 

A Collaborative Approach

Our workshops are designed to co-create inspired brand solutions by bringing together a diverse set of minds from several parts of your business to identify your brand's unique, signature strengths and to unleash its full potential. 

From sales and marketing to human resources, and from customer service to executive leadership, we help get the right people in the room for an immersive, collaborative and hands-on session to solve your brand's greatest needs. 

Brand Workshop Types

PURPOSE: Shaping your brand's reason for beingthe 'rallying cry' that drives every aspect of your business, from product innovation to new hires.

STORY: Bringing to life your purpose through an inspired narrative, resonating with every constituent including employees, partners, customers and consumers. 

LAUNCH: Developing the plan to rollout your new/refreshed brand internally and externally, ensuring each stakeholder is as inspired as the team who shaped it.

INNOVATION: Defining new or evolving existing products and/or services that you should undertake to fully deliver on your brand purpose in the future.

MARKETING: Transforming consumer insight into business-building ideas and experiences to strengthen the relationship you have with the outside world.